DANGER TO CHILDREN, SOCIOPATH Laura Mcgarry denies the Boston Bombing

Read the thought process of a completely off-track and insane person as she hopes to insert herself into the legal proceedings relating to the Boston Marathon Bombing.


Mentally ill people often feel like targeted individuals that have been treated unjustly.  Laura Mcgarry wants Justice.


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Michael Yuri Janitch is DUTCHSINSE

Michael Yuri Janitch is a Hoaxer who scams people out of money online as personality Dutchsinse.

Dutchsinse (Michael Yuri Janitch) builds his audience as a “False Flagger” then changes Channel to PSYCHIC YouTuber with seismic forecasting abilities.

For those who have been around the YouTube scene long enough, you will be able to think back on those times when hoaxers ran wild. It seemed like everyone and their mother needed to expose news clips, a trend that really took off in 2013. One man ran a HUGE Channel that reported on false flags. The Channel was (and still is) Dutchsinse — owned and operated by Michael Yuri Janitch.

Janitch created an online persona as Dutchsinse to hoax groups of gullible individuals, no doubt about it. Openings to Dutchsinse videos absolutely captivate the hoaxtards. Beeping transmissions with crackled radio waves, followed by voice rattling off some type of warning in French language… the rejects and those who have difficulty discerning good info from bad, ate it up. Add to it a voice, as professional as they come, and you have swarms of people online trusting a source backed by Montagraph, of all people. These fools want you believing in psychic — that is, Seismic FORECASTING! Seriously!?

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Professor Doom1's Embarrassingly Inept Analysis of Official Documents

Sandy Hook HOAXER is not a “documents expert” as claimed!


samuel-spieltens-youtube-icon-heart-honr-networkProfessor Doom‘s analysis of official documents is emabarrassingly inept. We’ll get to the embarrassment later. First, let’s hear him out…


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