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James F Tracy PHD, James F Tracey


A guide for researchers into the life of a disgraced former-FAU professor, and notorious Sandy Hook hoaxer, James F Tracy. This resource has been broken into multiple parts for your convenience:

Part I: 1965 to 1989: James F Tracy’s early life in small-town upstate New York, cultivation of an afro in high school, then dropping off the radar for a few years.

Part II: 1990 to 1997: A young James Tracy relocates to California, experiences a family tragedy, and begins blazing a trail toward a tenured professorship.

Part III: 1998 to 2000: In his 30’s, Tracy finishes his Master’s, goes to the University of Iowa for his Ph.D., publishes radical-lefty opinion columns in the school newspaper, listens to a whole bunch of reggae, volunteers for the Nader campaign, and goes deep into conspiracy theories.

Part IV: 2001 to 2007: In the wake of 9/11, Tracy’s opinion columns take a harder edge, before he finishes his Ph.D., and makes his way to Florida Atlantic University, where he will one day make a name for himself (not a good one).

Part V: 2008 to 2012: Professor James Tracy finally obtains tenure, turns conservative by way of Birtherism, and then almost immediately goes off the rails, devolving into a conspiracy-spouting organism just waiting for the right news story to exploit.

Part VI: 2013 to 2014: Tracy emerges as “the conspiracy professor” who chose the Sandy Hook shooting as his target for nonsense “theories,” which soon make him a popular blogger and podcast guest. Meanwhile, his FAU colleagues are getting nervous about his mental state, as he clashes with the administration — but hangs onto his job.

Part VII: 2015: Seemingly emboldened by his continued employment, Tracy ups the ante on his blog and goes after Sandy Hook families directly. By the end of the year, he finds that his employment situation is not as secure as he thought.

Part VIII: 2016 to 2017: Now in exile, James Tracy continues his conspiracy blogging, while hatching a lawsuit against FAU and the faculty union. But by the time he takes the stand, his past actions have already sealed his fate.

Part IX: 2018 to 2021: A broken and demoralized James F Tracy finds himself completely unemployable, flat broke, and without even the conspiracy-scene audience he had so coveted, as the lunatic fringe has already moved on to the next generation of hoax narratives.