James F Tracy Pt9: 2018-2021




January 8 2018: Tracy files a Renewed Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law. On Jan 12th, files a Motion for New Trial (later denied in April)


Jan 23 2018 – Posts guest article from Louis Leo IV summarizing their failed case:



Feb 4 2018: Appearance on Truth Jihad – “My Academic Freedom Fight Continues!”



Feb 14 2018: School shooting in Parkland, Florida. Tracy posts an article suggesting a false flag:


Feb 28 2018: Posts “Facebook and Google are Today’s Thought Police” whining about his treatment by tech companies, especially regarding links to his recent article suggesting the Parkland shooting was a false flag.



March 2018: Tracy resumes regular updates to MemoryHoleBlog, posting 17 updates (including guest posts) during the month. (Prior to this there had only been ten total posts between December 2016 and February 2018, a period of over a year). 





April 2018: Tracy’s posting activity increases to its highest rate yet, with 67 posts during the month. Activity would not spike to such levels again until November 2020.


April 8 2018: “James Tracy lectures at FAU for the first time since his firing” – a two hour guest lecture in an American Politics class:



Tracy blogs about his encounter with a critic of his and longtime “volunteer” with the student newspaper (and himself something of a crank). Odd that Tracy would try to silence a member of the press on campus.  

 In spring 2018 FAU Political Science Professor Marshall DeRosa invited me to lecture in one of his classes. Shortly after my arrival I recognized Koretzky standing behind a post toward the back of the lecture hall. 

“Fired FAU professor James Tracy returned to campus today,” Koretzky writes, “as a guest speaker for another class. His topic: the CIA and the ’unfree press.’”

Actually the name of my lecture was borrowed from Carl Bernstein’s seminal report, “The CIA and the Media.” Over four decades later, the 800 pound intelligence gorilla in the room continues to be studiously ignored by journalists and media educators alike.

A few minutes ago, in front of nearly 100 students, he began his lecture like this…

“Are you Michael Koretzky?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Are you enrolled in this class?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Please leave.”

So I hope it’s going well. If you want to know why Tracy doesn’t want me around, it’s because I so  enjoy quoting his crazy ass…

In fact, I was more concerned with being misquoted and misrepresented by this ardent “newshound.”


April 23 2018: Bank of America sues for credit card debt $3,717.22

University professor James Tracy | James Tracy 2018-2021 | Hoaxer Info
University professor James Tracy


April: 2018: Memory hole blog changes URLs, to “dot org” instead of “dot com” 


April 11 2018: Reposts “research” from Florida furniture mover Tony Mead, arguing that the Parkland Shooting two months before was a hoax



April 24 2018: District Court denies motion for new trial

University professor James Tracy | James Tracy 2018-2021 | Hoaxer Info
University professor James Tracy

April 23 2018: Posts interview between Jim Fetzer and Louis Leo IV (was actually posted on the 25th, the day after the court denied Tracy’s motion, but was recorded the day before that decision):


Leo states that “the reason Dr. Tracy lost in this trial is because of deception and fraud in the court” as one might expect. It includes one curious mention by Leo that indicates the letter of support from various groups may have played a role in Tracy’s conduct:

The court also excluded cease and desist letters that were sent from constitutional rights groups, including the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which is what stopped FAU from firing Professor Tracy in 2013. The court not only excluded those letters, but would not even let Dr. Tracy talk about the letters, and how it impacted him, and how it affected his state of mind.


May 22 2018 – “JFTracy Holdings 18” formed 



June 3 2018 – Posts “Palm Beach Post Court Reporter Admits to Bias in TracyvFAU Coverage”


The piece also criticizes the judge in the case, questioning why she did not recuse given she had been a member of the ADL.


July 8 2018: “Alex Jones’ Actual Malice” – in which Tracy is critical of Alex Jones’ behavior re: Sandy Hook in light of the recent defamation cases:



August 3 2018: “Strange Allies in the Fight to End Free Speech” – seems imply a conspiracy involving Jones, his ex wife, Pozner, and others.



August 4 2018: Posts “Federal Appeal Filed Challenging Florida Atlantic University’s Unconstitutional “Outside Activities” Policy”



August 10 2018: Appearance on Truth Jihad



 August 14 2018: Another promo for “The Conspiracy Theorist”



August 14 2018: WordPress deletes “Fellowship of the Minds” forum where Sandy Hook conspiracy theories and volumes of antisemetic content were dispersed; Tracy posts article comparing it to MHB’s treatment in 2016.



August 18 2018: Again complains about wordpress, more takedowns – seems to have been a mass purge of Sandy Hook hoax content, blogs going back years.



August 19 2018: Contributes two “Memoranda to the President” for Robert David Steele’s project to bring the Sandy Hook case to the attention of President Trump (he reposts the articles to MHB around the same time):




James Tracy: In Solidarity with Alex Jones: US News Media Targeted Professor for Questioning Sandy Hook While Failing To Do Theirs – Fake News Indeed


Mr. President,

I am a former Associate Professor of Journalism and Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). In early 2013, I became the target of a smear campaign led by prominent news media after I questioned coverage of the 14 December 2012 Sandy Hook massacre. The media called on FAU to fire me because of my concerns. I therefore appreciate your clear condemnation of the Mainstream Media (MSM) for “fake news” where those posing as journalists spread falsehoods and propaganda.

As a student of news narratives for nearly two decades, I observed several contradictions and anomalies in the media’s presentation of the Sandy Hook event. Following the shooting, for example, emergency response protocols were abandoned and first responders were refused entry to school grounds. Authorities apprehended an alleged gunman but placed him in the front seat of a police car.

On 15 December 2012, the Connecticut State Coroner responsible for conducting the victims’ autopsies, H. Wayne Carver, M.D., joked and snickered about the children’s horrendous demise on national television. Astonishingly, he could not answer even the simplest forensic questions about their deaths.

Some independent researchers have suggested “crisis actors” or “role players” were posing in the event’s immediate aftermath as members of the victims’ families. Although hundreds of families had been affected by the school shooting—where 469 allegedly required evacuation, according to the official report-—only a select few repeatedly appeared in video interviews.

When I found evidence that the Obama administration’s DHS had actually contracted with acting troupes for emergency exercises, including one called, “Crisis Actor”, my suspicions began to grow. The Newtown incident had occurred just a month after the reelection of a president who vowed to undermine the 2nd Amendment, whose administration carried out Operation Fast and Furious and who, in advance of his second inauguration, a month and two days later, signed 23 executive orders implementing various forms of gun control.

I discussed these observations and findings on my personal blog, asking why the news media had failed to do a more thorough job of investigating the school massacre. For these efforts, I was branded a “conspiracy theorist” and proponent of a “crisis actors’ conspiracy theory” by major media, including CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, and even Chronicle of Higher Education, which argued that I was “so cruel and possibly deranged” I had “no business being employed to teach undergraduate students.”

In December 2015, South Florida Sun-Sentinel published an article that falsely accused me of criminally harassing a Sandy Hook victim’s family. In fact, I had simply requested evidence from the family’s non-profit organization to support a copyright infringement claim lodged against my blog.

The innuendo that I “requested proof that the family’s son ever lived” was echoed throughout the press with no effort to verify the facts of the matter. FAU came under pressure to fire me, but because my teaching and research had been consistently adjudged excellent by students and peers alike, it devised a false pretext to terminate my tenured position.

A wealth of new research has been produced confirming my initial impression that the event was not authentic. At this point there are scant grounds to doubt Sandy Hook was an elaborate mediated reality created by news media and the Obama administration to terrorize American families with fear for the safety of their children to promote its preferred gun control agenda.


Very respectfully,

James Tracy



Posted on 2018/08/16

James Tracy: In Solidarity with Alex Jones – Sandy Hook Mother feted by Obama was Personal Assistant to Democratic Fund Raiser Maureen White 

Mr. President,

On 16 January 2013, in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, President Barack Obama signed no less than 23 executive orders to constrain our access to weapons under the 2nd Amendment. A few months thereafter, on 13 April 2013, at Obama’s invitation, one Francine Wheeler delivered an impassioned speech for gun control from the President’s Oval Office, a distinction Obama previously  conferred only upon Vice President Joe Biden. The choice is telling on multiple grounds.

Francine is likely the only actress with credits for doing the voice of a character in an animated porn feature to speak from the White House. Francine is also a musician member of “The Dream Jam Band.” In fact, she and her husband, David Cole Wheeler, are both professional actors with film credits. David has starred in an obscure film, “Faithful”, which centers around the theme of guns and suicide, and he’s most recently been on the speaking circuit in the role of a bereaved Sandy Hook parent.

More to the point, the Wheelers’ involvement in Sandy Hook and Francine’s choice to speak from the Oval Office appear to derive from Francine having been previously employed as personal assistant to chief Democratic National Committee fundraiser Maureen White. In fact, White was the DNC’s star campaigner, raising $51 million in 2005 alone. White then served as senior advisor on humanitarian issues in Afghanistan and Pakistan under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which is suggestive of the political alliances behind the Sandy Hook event.

Maureen’s husband, powerful Wall Street investment banker and Obama administration advisor Steve Rattner, is also a close personal friend and money manager of anti-gun crusader and founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg used the Sandy Hook shooting as a rallying cry for more stringent federal gun control measures. Rattner is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The more we dig into Sandy Hook, the more we learn its probable motivation as a FEMA drill presented to the public as real to promote the DNC gun control agenda.

Very respectfully,


James F. Tracy


August 23 2018 – Interview w Kevin Barrett



September 6 2018: Reposts Alison Maynard’s “Sandy Hook Parent Lenny Pozner: A Deep State ‘Cyberpuppet?”



September 29 2018: Bemoans that Jim Fetzer’s blog has been removed by Blogspot



Oct 1 2018: “Disputing Gov’t Narratives Now Limited to YouTube Comments Section”



October 5 2018: Posts “Florida Governor Rick Scott Visits FAU on Same Day University Moved to Fire Prof. James Tracy”



October 9 2018: Posts “The Strange Case of the Shape-Shifting Limousine” in which he suggests that a recent limo crash in which 20 people were killed was somehow “fake.” 


Three days later, he posts again about the tragedy:



October 14 2018: Peter Klein (IMS) uploads trailer for “The Conspiracy Theorist – What Happened to James Tracy Could Happen to You”

University professor James Tracy | James Tracy 2018-2021 | Hoaxer Info
University professor James Tracy | James Tracy 2018-2021 | Hoaxer Info

Two years later (2020ish) when the film has still not been released, Klein responds to a commenter that “there’s no set date” for the release, and to “stay tuned” to his IMS website:

University professor James Tracy | James Tracy 2018-2021 | Hoaxer Info
University professor James Tracy | James Tracy 2018-2021 | Hoaxer Info

(As of 2022, Klein’s website is no longer available)


October 15 2018: Complains his facebook page has been temporarily blocked



October 23 2018: Posts link to a video from “ZeeRoe3” – an associate of SH hoaxer Jonathan Reich who was claiming to be him at the time.



October 29 2018: Reposts “Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting: Questions and Anomalies” two days after that mass shooting.



November 4 2018: Posts link to a Youtube video arguing the Parkland shooting from less than two months before was a false flag



November 17 2018: Posts “Tracy Files Reply Brief in Free Speech Appeal”



November 23 2018: “Attorney Challenges Sandy Hook Parent Trolling to Sue” about Louis Leo IV bristling at his facebook comments being reported/deleted, and his account being suspended for 30 days.



December 1 2018 – posts 2nd promo for “The Conspiracy Theorist” featuring clips that focus on Wolfgang Halbig 


This clip shows that Peter Klein is trying to latch onto the new craze in conspiracy culture, “Q-Anon”, with new-agey inspirational messages tacked onto the end, followed by the Q-Anon slogan “Where We Go One, We Go All.”

It also shows Wolfgang explaining why he left teaching – wasn’t making enough money. (Since his wife left Wolfgang right before he made that career change back in the 90s, income may have been a factor in the separation as well). 


December 10 2018: Reposts an article from the Gainesville Sun, “Moon Rock Books Sued By Sandy Hook Parent” (Moon Rock published Nobody Died at Sandy Hook in which Tracy was a contributor). 




Jan 11 2019: Guest-post from Fetzer “Answers Defamation Lawsuit of Sandy Hook Parent”



Jan 20 2019: Posts a blog debunking DallasGoldbug’s assertion that Tracy is actually Marvin Bush. Unintentionally points out that it’s the same routine that he and Fetzer et al do to SH families.


As the recent and easily debunked “James Tracy is Marvin Bush” claim illustrates, this has amounted to generating as much unfounded and outrageous content as possible, all of which could potentially be misidentified with truly independent and sincere analyses of mass casualty events. The project thus undermines the credibility of true research in the eyes of the public, well-intentioned public officials, and any mainstream journalist willing to listen.

Alex Jones and Ed Chiarini are indeed “well aware” of their often outrageous behavior and claims, which together act to undermine the Truth movement from within. They are in all likelihood deep state psychological operations inevitably thwarting genuine journalistic efforts toward public accountability. Their fifth column work greatly hastens the fight to curtail “conspiracy theories” (e.g. public speech, deliberation and dissent) and Constitutionally-protected speech in the United States, a battle already been won in other areas of the world by the forces out to destroy free speech.


Feb 16 2019 – Appears with his lawyer Louis Leo IV on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show. Carrington is a noted antisemite and holocaust denier. The title of the episode is “What Happened to James Tracy Could Happen to You” – it does not appear to have been archived.


University professor James Tracy | James Tracy 2018-2021 | Hoaxer Info
Pictured: An example of Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s work, University professor James Tracy

Feb 28 2019 – Appears with Louis Leo IV on Don Jeffries’ show. It is a “supporters exclusive” and does not appear to be available otherwise:



March 2 2019 – posts anti-vaxx article “Measles Before Media”



March 9 2019 – posts blog complaining about Michael Koretzky (see April 2018)



April 15 2019: Posts “letter to the editor” from lunatic Fetzer ally Alison Maynard, “An Op-Ed the New York Times Refuses to Publish: Wolfgang Halbig’s Quest For the Truth”



July 9 2019: Posts “Thank You For Helping To Defend the First Amendment” – announcing that the 2017 decision dismissal of Tracy’s case against FAU has been granted oral arguments on September 19 2019, and requesting more donations to the legal fund.



August 23 2019: Tracy files lawsuit against four FAU police officers, for allegedly having accessed his personal information in 2015 and 2016:




September 14 2019: Complains in memoryhole blog post “Palm Beach Post Classifies Tracy v FAU Appeal as a ‘Crime’” about how an article about his case was sorted under the “Crime” section of the paper’s website. 


He criticizes the Post’s reporting itself on one point:

For example, Court reporter Jane Musgrave writes,

University administrators and others might not like his views that the school shooting and other tragedies, such as the Oklahoma City and Boston Marathon bombings, were staged by the government to promote gun control. But Tracy has a constitutional right to express them, [his attorney] said.

Any observer of the proceedings by now knows Tracy never made any claims or inferences that the Oklahoma City and Boston Marathon bombings were “staged by the government to promote gun control.” 

This is an odd claim, given the amount of articles posted to the same blog with titles such as:

More Photographic Evidence Suggests Boston Bombing Was Training Exercise (“Andrew Whooley” guest post) https://memoryholeblog.org/2013/05/08/more-photographic-evidence-suggests-boston-bombing-was-training-exercise 

Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing: You’ve Been Hoodwinked (Peter Klein guest post)


The Boston Marathon Bombing’s Constructed Reality (by James F Tracy)


Quote: “Control over an event and the select use of stimuli elicits certain desired responses. This is particularly the case in a society that exercises almost unquestioning allegiance toward what Erich Fromm termed “anonymous authority.” The Boston Marathon bombing event suggests the end result of this blind faith; how such finely tuned stagecraft can mobilize a mass mentality to the degree that it misinterprets the implementation of martial law as a genuine representation of a public will.”

Witnessing Boston’s Mass Casualty Event (by James F Tracy)


Quote: What exactly took place on April 15 at the Boston Marathon is unclear, yet what is now evident is a stark divergence between the narrative description of excessive carnage meted out as a result of the explosive devices and at least a portion of the video and photographic documentation of the bombing itself. 

Tracy also contributed to “And Nobody Died in Boston Either” – another book from Jim Fetzer, just like “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”:


…however the Sentinel’s inference that “bombings” would in any way lead to “gun control” is tenuous, and likely where Tracy is attempted to weasel out (he made mealy-mouthed arguments that the events could be staged, but never connected them to gun control, as that would make little sense anyway, but rather to a broader “police state”.) 


September 30, 2019: Tracy starts a “MemoryHoleBlog” account on Bitchute (“free speech” competitor with Youtube).


The first few videos uploaded consist of interviews with his lawyers (Louis Leo IV and Matthew Benzion) and himself, apparently originally filmed as part of the “Conspiracy Theorist” video that Peter Klein was producing (see Octonber 2018) that never came to fruition.



https://www.bitchute.com/video/IHmnFbmCwwK9/ – claims Tracy’s home was burglarized, and his laptop stolen



November 26, 2019: Posts bitchute video “Tracy v FAU & MHB Video Update 11/25/19” in which he goes over the status of the blog, his lawsuit, and appears to be indicating a desire to shift to vlogging instead of posting blogs (completing the transition from professor-as-conspiracist into just a bitchute conspiracy nobody):



“…he had conservative, you know, ‘abhorrent’ political views. And so the provost came out and said, ‘we’re not gonna fire this guy, we’re gonna respect the first amendment.’ It’s what took place at Florida Atlantic University back in 2013, when there’s a different president, Mary Jane Saunders. And, and, it’s the exact opposite of what took place in 2015, with a different president, that used a pretext, to fire me because of the speech on my blog, memory hole blog dot com, as well as the attendant social media outlets on facebook and twitter. Uh, they used the pretext of ‘oh, you gotta fill out these forms, because your blog is essentially employment, so you need to let us know about that. Nevermind the fact that there are plenty of other faculty members, probably better than fifty percent, that have facebook pages, that have twitter accounts and things of the like, you have to report this to us – why? Well, because we’re well aware of the speech, we don’t agree with it, and we want to have the opportunity to censor it.”        


He also indicates (indirectly, as always) that the firing may have been partially due to the change in FAU presidents from 2013 to 2015 (Mary Jane Saunders retired and was replaced in office by John Kelly in 2014)


December 10 2019: Posts video “Dirty Journalism 101: The ‘Conspiracy Professor’ Smear”


In it, he laments the “apparatus” that was used to oust him, suggests he was made to be “an example.” He points to a Sun-Sentinel reporter for the events that led to it. 

  • “I’ve never discussed Sandy Hook in class! Uh, it’s – it’s – it’s nothing I’ve brought up because there’s no scholarly research on it. And, um, I would certainly not teach my blog in class, and I never did! I never brought it up or anything.”
  • Notes that the Courant and the Sun-Sentinel are owned by the same company, suggesting another conspiracy at work.


Late 2019: Tracy proclaims to have taken up his family’s catholic faith around this time. Afterward, the Memory Hole Blog would increasingly focus on Catholicism-related conspiracies and such:


In late 2019, after decades of intellectual and philosophical examination, I returned to my rich Catholic faith and heritage, practiced by my family for generations. I have since personally come to accept the religion of one’s choice to be among the few spiritual and moral anchors necessary to contend with today’s shifting and volatile climate.

With this in mind, I am of the view that [the archbishop who wrote to Donald Trump]’s diagnosis is on-the-mark, and I find it especially welcome given our personal struggles over the past several years, experiences portending the present Marxist-inspired tumult disingenuously carried out under the guise of freedom and civil rights, which ironically dismisses out of hand any attempt at true civil exchange.-JFT


December 18 2019: Posts “FAU Professors’ Free Speech Dispute Now Before US Court of Appeals (video)“ 


Tracy then suddenly stops posting, and does not post anything to MHB for the next six months.



Jan 10 2020: Tracy drops lawsuit against 4 FAU police officers (originally filed 8/23/2019):


Given the defendants’ express intentions to evade discovery and civil liability at all costs, and the potential to alter the law that could further empower government officials with immunity for misdeeds, in addition to the alarming trend in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit of immunity being awarded to officials despite misconduct, after careful consideration, Dr. Tracy and his attorneys have decided to voluntarily dismiss the DPPA claims at this time.

While Dr. Tracy and his counsel believe that the defendant officers’ actions were unlawful and unjustifiable, they do not believe allowing the defendants to secure court ruling(s) awarding them with qualified immunity serves the best interests of the plaintiff or the public. The risk of adverse rulings that could harm favorable outcomes in other existing and future challenges is too great.

Sometime in 2020: wife Maris Hayashi declares bankruptcy



April 27 2020: Tracy takes MHB offline around this time (though it would, again, return):

University professor James Tracy | James Tracy 2018-2021 | Hoaxer Info
University professor James Tracy – University professor James Tracy


June 27 2020: Tracy resumes blogging, bringing MHB back online and posting a brief article linking to a video of a Black Lives Matter protester being assaulted by police



June 28 2020: Tracy writes about his resurgent Catholic faith, and disdain for Marxists:



July 2020: Shifts to posting “MHB Report” to bitchute and Rumble. They’re brief news reviews covering the typical territory: COVID, social media censorship, and BLM.



August 1 2020: Tracy posts a bitchute video about Mike Adams, a tenured professor who was fired and committed suicide in 2020, after racist tweets of his circulated. (Tracy of course insinuates, indirectly, that it was not a suicide).  


Tracy details his interest in reaching out to Mike Adams as a kindred soul; indeed Adams’ literary output indicates a path similar to that which Tracy took, starting out as a leftist firebrand and settling into troll-ish conservatism in middle age, a transformation taking place entirely within the cocoon of academia:

University professor James Tracy | James Tracy 2018-2021 | Hoaxer Info
University professor James Tracy – University professor James Tracy


August 9 2020: Tracy posts video about COVID-19, claims he wears Guy Fawkes/Anonymous mask “around town” to comply with masking requirements: 

University professor James Tracy | James Tracy 2018-2021 | Hoaxer Info
University professor James Tracy – University professor James Tracy



August 13 2020: Comments about previous girlfriend (and likely, annulled marriage) from 1997:


“When I was in my 20’s some years ago, and living in California, I dated a young woman who – we were about the same age, and she was an immigrant from Cambodia. And so, she grew up in the 1970s, and endured the killing fields in that country.”


August 18 2020 – posts “Is the Pursuit of Truth Still Possible?” a brief video overview of his side of his story and the status of his blog. “There are a lot of talented bloggers and Youtubers than me, but I’m here to try my best, in the same way I was when I started down the road to teaching, 25 years ago.”



October 2020: Crown Asset Management (collections) vs Tracy

University professor James Tracy | James Tracy 2018-2021 | Hoaxer Info
University professor James Tracy – University professor James Tracy

October 20, 2020: Posts bitchute ‘MHB Report’ video “The Creation of ‘White Supremacy’” in which he criticizes the use of “white supremacist” as a label, and “far left” groups like BLM, the Frankfurt School, etc. It’s boilerplate far right stuff from this period, but noteworthy as a marker of how far he’s drifted from his own far-left and racial-justice rhetoric of the 2000’s. It’s also very, very preoccupied with Jews.



October 26 2020: posts bitchute “MHB Report” video “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: The Rockefeller Foundation’s ‘Reset the Table’”



November 2020: MHB blog activity spikes again, with 61 total posts during the month. Previous month had 8, before that, 2, etc. Highest activity yet, and the rate continues to grow through February 2021 in the triple-digits, then levels off and stays in double-digits through March of 2022.

However, from here on out he’s mostly just reposting stories from around the “culture war” far-right media (Steve Bannon, Gateway Pundit, etc), hammering on ‘voter fraud’ and ‘stolen’ election claims in November and December, then after Jan 6th he predictably focuses on that.  And so little of the content is particularly unique or insightful to his mindset, just lazy boilerplate stuff. 


November 12 2020: Appears on the SGT Report podcast; interview is mostly about Trump and the recent election, but he does tie it back to his own story:

You know for the past four years, through the Trump administration, I feel as if I’ve been vindicated. Because the media went after me in 2013, and it took em a couple of years to get me fired, by my employer, and that’s essentially what happened. And they did so through dishonesty, ultimately, And, uh, look at the way in which the incumbent, the present president has been treated over the last few years, simply, you know, because they don’t like his policies. I think, really, that the journalists that show up in the Washington press corp simply have their marching orders by the owners of the media outlets. […] They despise him to such a degree that he must be doing something right.  


November 16 2020: a three-judge panel of the Atlanta-based appeals court upheld a jury’s decision on the First Amendment issue and a district judge’s rulings against Tracy on other issues.

“To establish that he was discharged in retaliation for protected speech, plaintiff had to prove, among other things, that his speech played a ‘substantial part’ in the university’s decision to terminate him,” the appeals court opinion said. “The jury found that plaintiff had failed to do so, as it found that plaintiff’s blog speech was not a motivating factor in the university’s decision. We conclude that there was more than sufficient evidence to support the jury’s verdict.”


November 29, 2020 – publishes “Gangstalking Mom” video on Youtube.


This marks the point where he decided to reveal his family history including his mother’s mental illness (though he would not characterise it as such) and her suicide (same).


Some of the comments he posts to the video are revealing as to his own mindset:

University professor James Tracy | James Tracy 2018-2021 | Hoaxer Info
University professor James Tracy – University professor James Tracy


December 23 2020 – Podcast appearance “Our Interesting Times” 


Some notes from this appearance:

[3:30] – “I had been, from graduate school, until becoming an Associate Professor and leaving [academe], I had been in higher education for about 20 years. And I entered academe as, I guess, an ideologically or politically correct liberal, or lefty radical. In graduate school, my advisors in my masters at University of Arizona and then in my doctorate at University of Iowa were both, you know, very much left-of-center. I mean, marxists. And… polite idea of critical theory, and were gonna subvert the establishment and the system through our radical scholarship, and get tenure at the same time, and have a state-subsidized, you know, sinecure.  

And I think that after I had my first child, you know, and then another one, […] it changes your perspective. And you start looking at the world through kind of a different lens. And I think that between 2005 and the early 2010s, I became more conservative in my views. And this, I think, tended to alienate me from some of my colleagues. Not in a hostile way, and not necessarily in an overt way, but I became somewhat estranged. And also about some of the research I was doing, and the extent to which I could actually freely explore certain issues and events, you know, 9/11 for example had always been at the forefront of my mind. You know, how could that event have taken place, we’re supposed to have this functioning democracy and a free press, and yet that takes place. You have other kinds of events, like the Oklahoma City bombing, the political assassinations of the 1960s – JFK, RFK, MLK – and my ‘ballywick’ as you put it earlier, was in media, and the news, and journalism. Media representation, media criticism, all of these things. And so, I began to look at conspiracies as being historical events, mediated events that were censored, effectively censored by our news media, western news media. And I was using that as the subject matter in my courses on public opinion…

[39:10] – “I think, in my time in higher education, I was a secularist. And it’s almost a given, I think you almost have to be one to be accepted. I think in part, I got my position at Florida Atlantic because of the fact that I came across as a socialist, I came across as a leftist. I came across emulating the politics of those who were hiring me, were making the decision to hire me. And that takes place all the time, that’s why you see very few if any conservatives being hired, at least in the Humanities and Social Sciences. And it wasn’t any sort of… I wasn’t attempting to put on a show, this is how I sincerely felt. And I think secularism and atheism go hand-in-hand, I was a de-facto atheist.”


December 29 2020: Posts a bitchute video “Nashville Bombing: Ten Questions” casting skepticism over the “official story” regarding the Dec 25th bombing in Nashville (no one was killed save the bomber himself). He notes that the bomber was reported to have been fixated on the same conspiracy theories that Tracy himself circulates, for example 5G paranoia. 




Feb 2021: Registers “Virgo Potens, LLC” (note that there are existing organizations with same name, it’s a catholic thing apparently)



February 18 2021: Stops posting videos on Rumble



May 7 2021 – stops posting videos to bitchute. They didn’t get many views. At all. It doesn’t seem as though he is active after this as of March 2022, beyond just reposting links. 



June 8 2021 – Court rules that Tracy is responsible for FAU’s trial costs of $4,395 (but not attorney’s fees)


7/26/2021 – sworn declaration noted in decision by court:

Plaintiff did argue that he attempted to find another job in academia after his termination and submitted a sworn declaration asserting he had been unable to do so back in 2017, but he did not put forth any argument or evidence in his response to suggest that he would not accept a low paying job due to child care obligations. Further, even had Plaintiff made such argument, Plaintiff has not established that he could not otherwise obtain a job working remotely from home, or a job working in the evenings or weekends when his wife is home to care for the children. 


August 29 2021: Robert David Steele dies (from COVID). It doesn’t appear that Tracy even comments on it.


September 17 2021: Reposts story from “Rumor Mill News”: Sandy Hook Lawsuits by Pozner against Fetzer and Jones



December 6 2021: End of the road, as US Supreme Court declines to take up appeal from James Tracy:



Thus, James F Tracy’s quest came to an end, not with a bang but with a whimper. It doesn’t appear that Tracy has even blogged on the final smackdown he received. Instead he’s just reposting conspiracies about COVID, or the pope, or the freemasons or, as of late February, the war in Ukraine. None of it seems to be getting much traction. James gave up his tenured career, the esteem of his colleagues (such as it was) and his ability to provide for his family, to wage war on reality, to hang onto a cruel lie made up about total strangers, and for validation from a mass of deranged conspiracy addicts. He had many, many, many chances to change the course he was on, but he just could not let reality win. So, he lost it all.