James F Tracy Pt5: 2008-2012



Jan 2 2008: According to public sources, this is when James Tracy’s father, Joseph Michael Tracy, dies.




May 30 2008: James F Tracy gets tenure:

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September 2008: Is listed among the “stewards” in the Faculty Voice of FAU:

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Tracy later testifies about his involvement with the faculty union at FAU (Vol 1 pg 73):

A: I believe I became more involved with the university — shall I say union activities as far as an officer, maybe, in 2008.

Q. How did you become an officer in the union?

A. I attended a luncheon.

Q. And, how did that turn —

A. I think it’s more or less — it, in part, is a social group, and they have, at the time I was involved, they had functions in the Board of Trustees room on the third floor of the administration building. And, they would have a happy hour, I think, following the faculty senate, and they would also have luncheons on Friday afternoon, maybe once every month or two.

And, this would include elections, and so, on occasion, you’ve had someone saying who you knew from the union or maybe in your departments or the college saying I’m going to nominate you. I nominate you for senator, or what have you, and you’d be on the ballot, and whoever was at the luncheon that given day, would vote.

Q. Who nominated you to become an officer in the union?

A. I’d have to think about that. The first time?

Q. Yes, sir.

A. I don’t even — it may have been Mike Budd who discussed it with me. I’m not certain. I don’t know.

Q. Whatever point it was, you agreed to serve?

A. As a Senator or otherwise?

Q. Whatever it was that you — you said you were an officer in the union. You agreed to do that. You didn’t say I’m not doing it, or I oppose that?

A. Well, no, I was a member, and so, I agreed. There was the understanding, for example, as far as being a Senator, that the obligations were not substantial. They involved, in part, attending meetings when one could, even though those were not always awfully well attended, and one had the option as well of attending the state wide meetings that were held in either Tampa or Orlando roughly once per semester to partake in those.

That was — I believe the state-wide UFF Senate, and so you had the option of attending those as well. It was not every Senator. In fact, most Senators likely would not attend those functions, unfortunately. At least from our chapter, there weren’t as many as there probably could have.


November 2008: Barack Obama is elected President of the United States. In a later podcast interview (see “Lionel” show appearance) Tracy would cite this as the second instance that caused his political views to shift (the first being the birth of his first child): “I thought of myself as being a progressive-left person up until the late 2000’s, more or less after Obama came into office.



Starts role as President of the UFF (Faculty Union) of FAU (thru 2011)


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Early 2009: Tracy, as president of the faculty union, succeeds in fight against laying off five tenured faculty members from FAU’s College of Engineering:





From Tracy’s September 2015 “FAU Threatens to End Tenure” blog post:

In 2009 then-FAU President Frank Brogan, a former Florida Lieutenant Governor under “Jeb” Bush, attempted to fire five tenured faculty members in the College of Engineering and Computer Science through a dubious departmental reorganization of that college. FAU faculty union president James Tracy’s complaint to Florida Governor Charlie Crist hastened Brogan’s reluctant move to reinstate the professors’ tenured positions (here and here). The ensuing controversy arising from the faculty terminations contributed to Brogan’s departure from FAU to become chancellor of the entire Florida State University System. In 2013 Brogan was appointed to oversee Pennsylvania’s higher education system.


Sometime in 2009: Collective Bargaining Agreement is renewed, without changes to reporting of outside activities obligation. Tracy is president of the union at this time, and so it’s he that signs the agreement with FAU. (See Tracy deposition Vol 1 pg 77).  

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Oct 2009 Bio from FAU’s faculty pages:  



Sometime in 2009, Tracy is included in “The impact of 9/11 on the media, arts, and entertainment : the day that changed everything? / edited by Matthew J. Morgan ; with a foreword by Rory Stewart.” His article is called “Escape from 9/11: Back to the Future of the Mass Society.”


Abstract of the article:

One risks invoking a “cliché of a cliché” when noting that September 11 and the ensuing “war on terror” has been characterized by a plethora of government propaganda and distorted information. Nevertheless, deceptive and misleading publicity appears to have become increasingly manifest alongside a news media and citizenry either resigned to their fate or helpless to contest such communication. Hence there is cause for calling up and reassessing an idea sociologist Daniel Bell once called “probably the most influential social theory in the Western world.”2 Mass society theory is summarily dismissed by a majority of communication and media studies scholars for its alleged conceptual simplicity and derogation of media content and audiences. This chapter argues that the ideas behind mass society theory and its contemporary variants remain realistic, compelling, and practical ways of thinking about media and society in a world increasingly characterized by unreason, uncertainty, and crisis.

His article dabbles in some 9/11 Truther talking points:

“…67 percent think that the commission was wrong for not investigating the anomalous collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 several hours after the fall of the Twin Towers. Conspiracy theories abound particularly when governments fail to produce — or believe they are above producing — plausible explanations for momentous events….



Sometime in 2010: publishes academic paper attributed tot “Tracy, J. F. and M. L. Hayashi” –  “Librarians of the World Unite? Possibilities and Realities from Florida, USA,” Special Issue Getting the Message: Communication Workers and Global Value Chains, edited by Vincent Mosco and Catherine McKercher, Work, Organization, Labour and Globalization 4.2 (2010) 


Spring 2010: Tracy is listed under affiliates of the “Censored Project” aka Project Censored


Tracy would claim in 2013 that he “had been an admirer of Project Censored for almost twenty years”, which would indicate that he found the publication sometime after starting at San Jose State University. 



May 2011 is no longer the president of the FAU faculty union



Sept 7 2011 profile from FAU faculty website (Note there is no globalresearch link present yet)


James Tracy is associate professor of media studies, teaching classes that highlight the intersections of media, social theory, and institutional power. His research includes analysis of alternative news media and representation of labor-management conflict in the US press. Tracy is presently working on a historical project addressing the struggle between newspaper production workers and chain publishers in post-World War Two North America. His work has appeared in numerous scholarly venues, including Journalism & Communication Monographs, Journalism Studies, Canadian Journal of Communication, and European Journal of Communication. Tracy is also managing editor of Union for Democratic Communication’s flagship journal, Democratic Communiqué. 



Sept 18 2011: Tracy writes a letter to Florida Power and Light, expressing displeasure with the “Smart Meter” installed at his home that year, and making reference to a phone call the month previous, when the power company had told him the device was harmless: 


James F. Tracy, Ph.D.

300 NW 36th Ct

Boca Raton, Florida 33431

September 18, 2011


Eduardo Jerez

Florida Power and Light

P.O. Box 029100

Miami, Florida 33102


Dear Mr. Jerez,

I am in receipt of your correspondence and literature concerning the General Electric Smart Meter device that Florida Power and Light has installed on my home. Unfortunately, I find the claims and assertions related to Smart Meters and human health and safety in this material doubtful. Indeed, my own research on the Smart Meter has led me to further question the harmful effects this high frequency scalar technology may be having on the health of me and my family.

In our telephone conversation of August 22, 2011 you assured me that the Smart Meter

installed on my property in April of this year emits an innocuous electrical signal “a few times per day” to gauge my household’s electricity consumption. In all due respect, I doubted this assertion and thus purchased a German­made High Frequency Analyzer for assessing 800 MHz to 2500 MHz frequencies, the operable frequency range for scalar energy emitted by Smart Meters. I was somewhat alarmed to find the Smart Meter FPL has installed on my home emits a burst of radiation in excess of 2,000 microwatts per square meter every thirty seconds to one minute. I am curious to know why you and FPL would mislead their customers in this way.

You also indicated in our discussion the plans for the Smart Meter to eventually communicate between each other and within each home using this high frequency scalar energy to gauge the electrical consumption of each appliance. In this regard there are clear implications for the privacy of homeowners vis­à­vis the potential for collecting and marketing personal data on lifestyle and consumption. Be advised that my family does not consent to such data collection now or at any future time. Figuring prominently in the material you’ve provided me with your August 22 correspondence is the California Council on Technology and Science’s assessment and approval of Smart Meter technology. As you likely know, CCST solicited assessments of Smart Meter safety from accomplished research scientists with knowledge of the potential human health effects of high frequency scalar energy. While the in its literature CCST presented the observations of these scientists as uniformly affirmative toward the Smart Meter effects on health, a closer look at the scientists’ individual assessments reveals glaring reservations and uncertainties concerning Smart Meter safety. I have enclosed the remarks of Drs. D.K. Li and Magda Havas for your information. Their assessments are confirmed in a wealth of military, academic and scientific studies produced over the past few decades documenting the dangers of sporadic and prolonged exposure to scalar radiation.

You also stated in our telephone conversation that Smart Meter technology is safe based on “Federal Communications Commission guidelines. It should be noted that these guidelines are based on an outmoded and tentative 1996 EPA finding of the heat specific effects of radiation.

According to Dr. Li, “the FCC current guidelines were solely based on ‘thermal effect’ of

radiofrequency, a level at which radiofrequency can cause heat injury. As we know, heat injury is not what the public is concerned about regarding radiofrequency safety. Their concerns are about cancer, miscarriages, birth defects, low semen quality, autoimmune disease, etc.” Along these lines, Dr. Havas remarks in the enclosed letter to CCST, in contrast to reliance on the FCC’s older thermal effect standard “various countries in the world are opting for a ‘biologically’ based guideline rather than a ‘thermal’ guideline, which takes into account not only adult males in peak physical conditions but children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those who have developed electrohypersensitivity.”

I have also completed a public records request to the Florida Public Service Commission and obtained documents from the Florida Public Service Commission for the Commission’s approval of Smart Meter installations on residences and businesses across the state. However, there is no indication of any human or environmental impact study being conducted prior to the approval of FPL’s installation proposal, and in light of copious evidence regarding the questionable nature of Smart Meter technology there has been no attempt by the Commission or FPL to exercise a routine “precautionary principle” to not endanger the health of Florida’s citizens and taxpayers.

In light of the above I am formally requesting that Florida Power and Light remove the Smart Meter from my residence at once and replace it with an analog meter. Failure to remove the device from my residence will result in my own removal and replacement of the device and possible legal action against FPL, including participation in a federal class action lawsuit related to Smart Meters presently underway.

Thank you for your anticipated attention to the above.



James F. Tracy, Ph.D

(NOTE: The “Dr. Havas” he cites is in fact a quack botanist: https://evilcyber.com/the-rest/havas-wifi-research/ )


September 26, 2011: Tracy hosts a screening of “What in the World Are They Spraying: The Chemtrail Geo-Engineering Coverup”

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James Tracy’s – James Tracy’s


(Published in University Press, Vol 13 Issue 6)

He discusses the experience, and how he came to believe in the “Chemtrails” conspiracy theory after seeing the film, in a 11/9/2012 blog post:

Speaking as someone who works in the academy, the fear of being rejected as a crackpot also plays a large role in self-censorship. I never wholly dismissed the chemtrail phenomenon or the reports of chemtrail activists. Yet the very idea of such a nefarious program was so disturbing and surreal that several years ago I half-heartedly sought out a variety of what appeared to be conflicting information of both chemtrail activists and skeptics via online sources to placate and thereby suppress my concerns. After all, I thought, if there was anything to such claims they would be interrogated and ferreted out by university research itself and the independent progressive-left news media and intelligentsia that I relied on so heavily to form my worldview. The real problem, clearly articulated by United Nations agencies, Noble laureates and from seemingly every corner of our mediated environments is the abundance of carbon dioxide and the threat it poses in the form of melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and severe weather events.

Not until 2010, when I happened across the documentary What in the World Are They Spraying? (WITWATS) did I become more fully convinced that coordinated geoengineering programs not only exist, but that they are far-reaching in scope and have major implications for life on earth. Perhaps alongside the alleged scourge of CO2-induced global warming, geoengineering programs that are purportedly in place to “curb” such processes actually pose the greatest threat to humanity and the environment. Like Monsanto, which seeks to control all facets of agriculture and thus our physiological makeup, the US military’s self-admitted objective is to “control the weather” through atmospheric manipulation by 2025.[9]

Living in a tropical climate and spending much of the time outdoors I eventually became something of a novel “skywatcher.” Upon closer observance it has become increasingly difficult to ignore the activity of numerous high altitude aircraft leaving plumes that over the course of several hours expand and coalesce to make massive cloudlike formations that could be easily mistaken for overcast above sometimes naturally-occurring cumulus clouds. I recognized how throughout most of the year this was an almost daily phenomenon initiated by planes with sometimes bizarre and inconsistent flight paths.

When I contacted to Federal Aviation Administration in Fort Lauderdale on a day with high aerial activity of this nature, I was consoled by an overly polite FAA agent that the trails were merely “water vapor,” and that dispersal of any substances several miles overhead would have but negligible effects at ground level. While it is true that jet engines can briefly produce plumes akin to cirrus clouds resulting from the exhaust process, the prevalence of this activity once I became aware of it struck me as highly unusual, and geoengineering activists contend that the inexplicable and often dangerous admixture of microscopic heavy metal particulates now common in our air—particularly aluminum—originate in the persistent contrails. A variety of air samples, most recently by activists at losangelesskywatch.com, confirm this phenomenon.[10]

In late 2011 my six year old daughter had a long-running respiratory ailment which prompted me to send off a small sample of her hair for lab analysis. The results indicated a high level of aluminum.[11] This was disturbing especially given that she had received an abbreviated vaccine regimen, drank water run from a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis filter, and ate only organic food. Her pediatrician expressed some astonishment, asking whether we use aluminum cookware. Apart from this he could offer no explanations and merely prescribed a popular antibiotic for the cough. While there may have been no correlation between the symptoms, it seemed as if the often obscure and bizarre government projects pointed to by “conspiracy theorists” had now struck home in a most intimate way.

It was around this time that I proposed to my department chair we invite WITWATS co-director Michael Murphy to screen his film and give a public talk on campus. Earlier that year a colleague hosted De Franklin Lopez, the director of EndCiv, a provocative documentary profiling the ideas of radical environmental activist and writer Erick Jensen that compares CO2-producing activities with the severest forms of colonial exploitation and Nazi war crimes while advocating violence and vandalism to save the earth. The screening was well-attended by faculty and graduate students.

At the time our department also included on faculty a talented documentary filmmaker whose work has become a platform for proselytizing on anthropogenic global warming and the many lifestyle changes necessary to thwart it. I took for granted that the university was a place where a variety of ideas, however controversial, could be presented, scrutinized, and pondered. However, after emailing the WITWATS YouTube link to my superior I was told in no uncertain terms, “That’s far right propaganda.”

Following a lengthy and good-natured exchange (which included an apology) there was no moral or monetary support forthcoming, which prevented me from approaching other university-related funding sources. Aided by Murphy’s honest willingness to forego an honorarium, I helped to support his campus visit to speak to one of my classes and present the film to the broader public. The screenings and question and answer sessions were very well-received by the students especially, all of whom can detect baloney a mile or two away. Yet despite publicity for the screening and personal invitations to colleagues I found it instructive that none were in attendance.


November 2011: Academic paper “Covering ‘Financial Terrorism’” published in Journalism Practice


The 2010 Greek financial crisis marks an important chapter in an era where the underlying maneuvers of private financial entities figure centrally in the wherewithal of Western nation states. Utilizing framing research, this study examines representation of the Greek crisis by US news media from December 2009 to July 2010. In contrast to the incident’s coverage in the European and business press initially attributing the crisis to speculation and the manipulation of Greek debt, major US news media presented the event through specific event-driven frames that obscured knowledge of deeper causes. By drawing attention to dramatic events in Athens and the American stock markets, US outlets presented the financial crisis in narrow terms that blamed the event on alleged character flaws and ineptitudes of a nation and its people. This reportage legitimized proposals of economic austerity as reparation. In the midst of excessive business and financial-related information, the ability of US journalism to explain how and for whom transnational economic processes proceed remains provisional. Journalism prompting public discourse on such dynamics is crucial at present as the formulas hastening the Greek crisis now threaten industrialized countries throughout the West.


December 2011: Tracy is appointed Coordinator of the Multimedia Studies area at FAU’s School of Communications, per Tracy’s complaint vs FAU:


February 8 2012: Tracy writes another letter, this one to the Palm Beach County School District, expressing concern over his daughter’s exposure to WiFi:


James F. Tracy

300 NW 36​ th ​ Ct

Boca Raton, FL 33431


February 8, 2012


Sheryl G. Wood, Esq.

General Counsel

Palm Beach County School District

3300 Forest Hill Boulevard

West Palm Beach, FL 33406



Re: Public Records Request

Dear Ms. Wood,

My six year old daughter, Siobhan Tracy, is a student in the Palm Beach County School District. I understand that a majority of Palm Beach County schools are equipped with apparatus for “WiFi/LAN” use. I am interested in obtaining the rationale and stated policies of the School District regarding the deployment and usage of WiFi technology in the schools and alongside the many children it oversees. I have noted that an express goal of the School Board is to ensure a safe environment for all students attending the District’s facilities.

With this in mind, over the past few years public and human health researchers have expressed increased concern or reservation toward the ​long term, non­thermal effects ​of WiFi technology and radiation on human health, particularly the health of children exposed to such radiation for extended periods, such as a situation taking place in and around the classroom. Indeed, as you may know, on May 31, 2011 the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields as a “Class 2B” carcinogen.

Under Chapter 119 of the Florida Statute I am formally requesting all relevant documents providing a detailed overview of the creation and enactment of the Palm Beach County School District’s existing WiFi and related electromagnetic and radio frequency ­generating technology policies pertaining to the proximal placement and routine use of such technologies in Palm Beach County’s K­12 instructional environment.

If you refuse to provide this information, Chapter 119 requires you advise me in writing and indicate the applicable exemption from the Public Records Act. Also, please specifically state the reason(s) for your decision, required by Section 119.07(2)(a). If the exemption you are claiming only applies to a portion of the records, please delete that portion and provide photocopies of the remainder of the records, according to Section l19.07(2)(a).

I agree to pay the actual cost of duplication as defined in Section 119.07(1)(a). However, if you anticipate that in order to satisfy this request” “extensive use” of information technology resources or clerical or​  ​ supervisory assistance as defined in Section 119.07(1)(b) will be required, please provide a written estimate and justification.

I request these records be made available to me no later than 10 business days from your receipt of this correspondence.

Thank you for your attention to the above.


James F. Tracy


March 2012: Tracy starts the “Memory Hole Blog” that will soon bring him infamy on the FAU campus – and eventually, unemployment:


James Tracy’s | Hoaxer Info | James F Tracy , James Tracy
James Tracy’s – James Tracy’s

Later notes on this (from Lionel interview): 

“It began in March of 2012… it was originally intended to be a forum for the essays that I wrote in extracurricular fashion that… were kind of… *exasperated sound* they were an offshoot from some of the things that I was examining and continue to examine in the classroom and in my research, but in a less formal or scholarly way if you will, something that — things that are more palatable for a general audience. Because what I wanted to do was extend what I was discussing and the things I was covering at the University to a larger audience, and that — the site has gone far beyond what my expectations were.” 


April 9 2012: Memory Hole Blog post, Tracy touches on 9/11 truth and Obama birther-ism, including namedropping Jerome Corsi, Webster Tarpley and Wayne Madsen (Tracy has noted that he began identifying as a conservative, and getting more into conspiracy theories, shortly after Obama’s election):


One of the starkest example of the powerful strictures on truth is the potent taboo among academics and journalists alike toward consideration of government awareness of (or involvement in) the events of September 11th, 2001. Ironically, in professions fashioning themselves as principal actors in the exchange of knowledge and truth, being called a “truther” is a profound dishonor, perhaps even cause for expulsion from these fields.

Through tacit or explicit acceptance of the official government conspiracy theory of 9/11–that the attacks were carried out by Osama bin Laden and his coterie–the recognized interrogators and guardians of truth have become a principle source of its debasement. Again, an array of citizen investigators and publicists has arisen to speak truth to the kept powers of professional journalism and academe, only to be derided and caricatured as irrational.

A final example is the most illustrative yet also perhaps the most difficult and uncomfortable for many to recognize or understand. President Barack Obama’s uncertain familial and professional origins are an object of inquiry where formidable political power and the politics of race are indiscreetly wielded to subdue the emergence of potential truths. Journalists Wayne Madsen, Webster Tarpley, and Jerome Corsi have tread dangerous and unpopular paths in researching Mr. Obama’s personal history. In May 2011 when Madsen dug up compelling information on Ann Dunham’s possible ties with US intelligence he actually feared for his life and temporarily left the country.

The post also cites Noam Chomsky’s Q&A session where he was dismissive of “who killed JFK” and “was 9/11 an inside job” questions, something Tracy argues goes against his earlier writings about the obligations of intellectuals to speak out (from Vietnam war era).


April 15 2012: Tracy begins posting articles on globalresearch.ca – a conspiracy website, made up look like an academic source, especially by publishing articles (that are not peer reviewed and often are sheer lunacy) with PhD names attached.


This marks the beginning of his known contact with Dr Michel Chossudovsky, operator of globalresearch.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Chossudovsky 

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May 6 2012 – observes in a blog post (about 9/11 truth and the death of Osama Bin Laden the year before) that whether or not a conspiracy theory is taken seriously should depend on if it is actually coherent and credible:


“Intellectual cowardice is reinforced by a set of circumstances whereby even if alternative accounts questioning the official line are exhaustively researched and documented with credible information and sources, mobilization of the “conspiracy theory” label by state censors and their journalistic accomplices will render the counter-arguments suspect. And, in an on-the-go culture where citizens are heavily reliant for information on headlines and sound-bites versus deliberate analysis, such lines of critical reasoning are destined for the memory hole.”


May 18 2012 – Appears on Truth Jihad with (9/11 Truther and disgraced academic) Kevin Barrett (episode is not archived)


June 5 2012: Posts globalresearch.ca to his FAU profile, marking the breech between his fantasy and real worlds that will lead to his undoing.


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July 7 2012: Appears on The Corbett Report (Corbett = Globalresearch)



Also that day, posts about Wireless Technology “toxifying” America, and includes a PDF of the letter he sent the previous year about his daughter:



July 8 2012: Comments about Infowars on his blog, under a reposting the Corbett interview. He praises Infowars as “an especially impressive outlet”:


Aug 10 2012: Memoryhole blog post expresses skepticism about the 2008 Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting, as well as the previous month’s Aurora theater shooting, suggesting they were actually a “psy-ops” perpetrated by the government along the lines of Operation Gladio:  


Lacking meaningful contexts with which to understand such events in their totality the general public is incapable of recognizing the road it is being forced down. The most recent set of events that give pause are the horrific, military-style shootings in Aurora Colorado and Oak Creek Wisconsin that authorities maintain were carried out by “lone wolf” gunmen.

Operation Gladio in America?

A potential backdrop and precursor to the Colorado and Wisconsin events is the oft-forgotten Operation Gladio, a campaign involving US and British intelligence-backed paramilitaries anonymously carrying out mass shootings and bombings of civilian targets throughout Europe. Hundreds of such attacks took place between the late 1960s and early 1980s by “stay behind armies” of right wing and fascist saboteurs in an overall effort to terrorize populations, deploy a “strategy of tension,” and thereby maintain a centrist political status quo.[1] In the uncertain environment the petrified citizenry pled for stepped-up security and stood poised to part with personal freedoms. At the same time the maneuver allowed for political adversaries—in Gladio’s time socialist and communist groups—to be blamed for the attacks and thereby demonized in the public mind.


A Plausible Narrative / Conclusion

Gladio’s successful concealment for so many years demonstrates how mass atrocities can be carried out by a shadow network with complete impunity. Most incidents from the Gladio period remain unsolved by authorities. In the US, however, a plausible narrative appears to be required for public consumption. For example, just a few hours after the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officials swept in and wrested the case from Oak Creek authorities by classifying it as an act of “domestic terrorism.”[8]. Less than twenty four hours later one of the federal government’s foremost de facto propaganda and intelligence-gathering arms—the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)—developed a storyline that was unquestioningly lapped up by major news media.[9]

In an August 6 Democracy Now interview with SPLC spokesman Mark Potok and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Don Walker, Potok explained in unusual detail how the alleged killer was involved in “white supremacist groups,” “Nazi skinhead rock bands,” and that the SPLC had been “tracking” the groups he was in since 2000. Potok’s remarks, which dominate the exchange and steer clear of the suspect’s experience in psychological operations, contrasted sharply with Walker’s, who more cautiously pointed out that the suspect’s “work in [US Army] PsyOps is still a bit of a mystery to all of us … We talked to a psychiatrist who said that [being promoted to PsyOps is] like going from the lobby to the 20th floor very quickly.”[10]

Like the Aurora Colorado storyline of a crazed shooter who expertly booby-trapped his apartment with exotic explosives, such appealingly sensationalistic narratives serve to sideline the countervailing testimonies of eyewitnesses and are difficult to contest or dislodge once they are driven home by would-be experts through almost every major news outlet.


October 26 2012: Interviewed by Iran Review, repeatedly states/implies that 9/11 was a false flag.



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November 13 2012 – no longer president of the FAU union, but speaks at event re: the faculty survey results 



Dec 14, 2012: Sandy Hook shooting, hoaxerism is born. Tracy claims that he (per Williamson) “at first believed that Sandy Hook had happened” and “as a parent, deeply sympathized with the families” (110)


Dec 20 2012: Tracy publishes first blog post about Sandy Hook, less than a week after the event.



Dec 24 2012: Another blog post about Sandy Hook and “unanswered questions.”



Dec 25 2012: Another one: https://web.archive.org/web/20130113092321/http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-sandy-hook-school-massacre-unanswered-questions-and-missing-information/5316776


The posts form a foundation for an emerging “Sandy Hook hoax” narrative online, and traffic to Tracy’s blog increases.