Wolfgang Halbig Harasses Lake County Sheriffs Office after labeled "Mentally Unstable."

halbig_lcso_incident_150173319_4-1-2016Most people in Sorrento Florida and the surrounding Lake County consider Wolfgang Halbig to be Mentally Unstable.  Why doesn’t his family get him the proper treatment that he requires?  Wolfgang Halbig Harasses Lake County Sheriffs Office after labeled “Mentally Unstable.”

What will it take for his family and the State of FL to begin the process of civil commitment or Involuntary commitment.  This may be a good way for his family to get out from all of the liability and debt that Halbig has created for them.

Florida Mental Health Act

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Wolfgang won't answer my questions.

won’t respond to…
I’ve been asking him for months now.

1) Why won’t you share the documents received from the FOIA requests?

2) How much money have you raised to date?

3) Why haven’t you provided an audit of checks and balances, like what was promised when you started fundraising?

4) How much of the money was spent on civil matters?

5) How much was spent on Viagra and cheap motels?

6) Why do you refuse to accept answers you’ve received and move on, you’re digging deep don’t you think?

7) What were your responsibilities with the Lake County School District?

8) Why didn’t you notify the parents in that school of the dangerous mold but yet you turn around and sue the school district for mold inhiliation.

9) Why did you lie about death threats that were made to you?

10) Do you honestly consider rubber ducks a threat?

Ten simple questions Wolfgang Halbig. Wheres the transparency?

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Michael Yuri Janitch is DUTCHSINSE

Michael Yuri Janitch is a Hoaxer who scams people out of money online as personality Dutchsinse.

Dutchsinse (Michael Yuri Janitch) builds his audience as a “False Flagger” then changes Channel to PSYCHIC YouTuber with seismic forecasting abilities.

For those who have been around the YouTube scene long enough, you will be able to think back on those times when hoaxers ran wild. It seemed like everyone and their mother needed to expose news clips, a trend that really took off in 2013. One man ran a HUGE Channel that reported on false flags. The Channel was (and still is) Dutchsinse — owned and operated by Michael Yuri Janitch.

Janitch created an online persona as Dutchsinse to hoax groups of gullible individuals, no doubt about it. Openings to Dutchsinse videos absolutely captivate the hoaxtards. Beeping transmissions with crackled radio waves, followed by voice rattling off some type of warning in French language… the rejects and those who have difficulty discerning good info from bad, ate it up. Add to it a voice, as professional as they come, and you have swarms of people online trusting a source backed by Montagraph, of all people. These fools want you believing in psychic — that is, Seismic FORECASTING! Seriously!?

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Questions for Wolfgang Halbig



Wolfgang Halbig is on a mission. The Leader of the Hoaxers has a few questions for Sandy Hook officials and we have a few questions of our own for him. Below are seventeen of the most important questions Halbig needs to answer.

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