John Michael & Alexis Del Palazzo: the story of a cat and a flute and a POTENTIAL SPREE SHOOTER

Hey diddle-diddle…

John Michael Del Palazzo online as Johnny Cirucci?

Johnny CirucciIt’s confusing as to why a man who did a tour in Iraq is trolling the internet like some kind of secret agent. Is it John Michael Del Palazzo or is it Johnny Cirucci?

Yes, another online tough guy refuses to use his “Christian” name. John Michael Del Palazzo is Johnny Cirucci, an out-spoken hoaxer (with blogs, a small Twitter account & the usual Facebook profile), who is apparently back on a mission to harass innocent people. The Johnny Cirucci persona has a bad habit of targeting the victims from high-profile tragedies we all see and read about in major news stories. Why this is occurring in the young man’s life is anyone’s guess. Del Palazzo does currently list himself as a married man from Lebanon, Pennsylvania and has labeled himself as an ass kicker for the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s great, except for the fact that everything Del Palazzo does contradicts himself as the “righteous Christian soldier” he sees himself as.   After John Palazzo returned from his tour in Iraq he turned into a full Hoaxer.  We aren’t sure how this happened, but we do know that he used to love cats and his wife plays flute.  Now he spends his days publishing harassing content about murdered children and their family and other crazy conspiracy ideas.

ALEXIS PALAZZO Johnny Cirucci   Alexis & John Michael Del Palazzo
202 E. Maple Street
Lebanon, PA 17046

Johnny Cirucci on Sandy Hook

A sample of his work can be found here –

Lenny Pozner: the Sandy Hook Pozer

He seems like a happy guy at one point when he was in Iraq rescuing pussycats.

Alexis Del Palazzo

Alexis Del Palazzo was an active performer and teacher residing in Central Pennsylvania. She has performed widely across the United States including Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas and New York. A devoted performer of contemporary classical music, she recently gave the world premiere of Peter Amsel’s Museum Triptych for solo flute and she collaborated with composer Konstantinos Karathanasis in a performance of his Piece for Flute and Electronics. She was a founding member of the AMA Flute Trio, performing regularly in upstate NY. Alexis received her B.M. in flute performance from the University of Oklahoma where she studied with Dr. Valerie Watts. She has performed in masterclasses for Carol Wincenc, Jill Felber, Alexa Still and Keith Underwood. Currently an Andover Educator trainee, Alexis was pursuing her license in order to teach the course, What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body.

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