Pantaleon the Predator – Match with Felix AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Caliberhitter (Felix Pantaleon, NY) joins a dating site using his FAKE YouTube handle! Is a predator trying to hide their identity from the ladies… and men!?

Internet Predator, Felix Pantaleon AKA 22caliberhitter, preys upon the guys and gals of

Predator Pantaleon avatarDating with the help of a computer can be awfully embarrassing or risky. Hey, nobody is judging anybody’s journey into online romance. It’s a jungle out there, right? People sign up to narrow the field and order up their potential mate like a pizza. There are those who are shy and others who have busy schedules. Some find it easier to shop for love in the comfort of their own home. And let’s forget about the horndogs hoping for a midnight booty call… for now!’s latest bachelor is a cyber-stalking, idiot internet-troll reject named “Caliberhitter.” Felix Pantaleon, Jr. (a 31 year old, single, Dominican male) is Caliberhitter. Pantaleon lives in Washington Heights, New York and is quickly running out of options everywhere he turns. Why Caliberhitter recently joined the dating website is anyone’s guess. He was doing fine without it, afterall, the woman-disrespecting scumbag was totally screwing himself HARD on the daily… and was doing it for years.

Predator Pantaleon busted all over the web for cyber-stalking and bullying

In 2017, Felix will find himself facing limited options on pretty much ALL dating sites, due to years of failure. Yes, the trail of fail is far and wide with Caliberhitter. Pantaleon pushes the “22Caliberhitter” handle on many social media platforms to spread his insane disinfo in the Truther Wars Community. Now Felix Pantaleon is attempting to “handle” some love interests on the sly. Maybe Felix thinks there is less chance in finding evidence which traces him back to years of online cruelty? Maybe Felix doesn’t understand both his name AND handle are lost causes? Maybe Felix is… nah. (banner) Pantaleon PredatorFelix Pantaleon Google Search - predator (banner)
Felix Pantaleon - Google Search - web (banner)

Either way you look at it, Felix Pantaleon… Caliberhitter… the first few pages on any search engine demonstrates enough. Felix Pantaleon is done. Much of the undoing was made possible by the fool Felix himself. Breeze through some pages for a laugh! You’ll find website after website telling like it is. Once again, a great deal of the material coming to your computer screens is a result of untreated schizophrenic behavior. So what Felix is looking at is, any potential match with internet access (100% of the Members! FACT!) can Google the name “Felix Pantaleon” and their results will be just about the same everywhere. It is what it is and all searches at this point will be a never-ending search to find impossible: to find one special person who will date and forgive Felix Pantaleon for the bastard he is. With all the garbage Pantaleon has polluted over the years by means of internet abuse, Caliberhitter will be chasing imaginary unicorns with his buddy Alex Jones until the end of time.

Caliberhitter - single male - New York - Felix Pantaleon (predator)

Can predator bullies like Pantaleon eventually find love?

The short answer is… yes! It is a trick question. Bullies are in love with themselves, first and foremost.

To love another human being (other than the person in the mirror) is next to impossible for partnership with outside forces. Predator-trolls who are in deep, like Felix-Pantaleon-deep, there is no chance in hell. No match will be made in hell, either. Well, actually, if Sherrie Lea Laird somehow comes back as Helen Keller. then MAYBE Felix Pantaleon has a shot? Basically, the other half of Caliberhitter would need to be born deaf, dumb, blind and missing their sense of smell.

Internet predator Caliberhitter's profileEveryone knows by now: Pantaleon stinks. An extreme narcissistic approach to life has ruined him for good. Completely ruined him. It’s something Caliberhitter has a hard time coming to grips with. He is lost in self-absorption, delusions of grandeur, self-serving actions every single waking day and a strong hatred toward anything reflecting his worst qualities. This is a common thread modern-day trolls, stalkers and predators share. Felix Pantaleon is NO exception! Pantaleon is the poster child for online nonsense and projecting himself onto others..

We will take a further look into DateGate as we continue to think to ourselves, “Felix Pantaleon in a relationship!? Caliberhitter going out on a date!? Is this more disinfo from 22Caliberhitter, owner of GooglePlus hate community, Truther Wars!? It’s gotta be!”

As the online Hoaxer community at large trolls victims of high-profile tragedies in the news, Felix Pantaleon has the world at his fingertips and trolls dating platforms for weeks on end is what he does best… until he finds his next victim. You can bet on it!

The very last sentence in Felix Pantaleon’s summary is a FLAT OUT LIE!

Come on, Caliberhitter. Come on, Felix Pantaleon. How dare you state you are “…the Anti-Selfie” in your front page bio!? Come on! Every single dang photo taken of you, past-present-future, was self-photographed? That is the very definition of a selfie. How can you… what did the… but you just… SERIOUSLY!?!?!?

Felix Pantaleon: 1 in a million... predator on

Seriously, Felix Pantaleon!? Mr. 1 in a million may never find that one in a ca-jillion-zillion-trillion-billion, but you never know! Felix Pantaleon is a narcissistic fool and has that camera on a timer, y’all. His old, creepy pictures can be found on MySpace and in almost all of the shots, Felix has an arm extended to snap off a selfie.


Felix Pantaleon on MySpace (selfies)

Anti-Selfie? Could it be Pantaleon is against selfies in gereral? Could it be 22Caliberhitter gets a free pass while everyone else is subjected to being called a selfie-taking loser… unless Felix Pantaleon photo-bombs ya! Maybe then?


to be continued…

Felix Pantaleon , aka caliberhitter, aka nnnyc Predator on Match

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