There is no truth to anything that JennyGirl Says

JennyGirl claims that she owns the copyright to images from this artist. In reality, the artist lives in the Philippines:

And so nowadays Jeniffer Morrell sells her daughter’s clothes and toys online, writes whack job chem-trail articles for “Enchanted Lifepath,” and pretends to be starting a non-profit while losing her mind on social media. Not a nice person.

She reads trashy “urban fiction” while her man is on the inside and talks about sending copies of the books to him on Rikers in 2012; her goodreads account shows same activity as Facebook comments to author:

  • Richmond County: CV-036326-03/RI  FINANCIAL CREDIT, LLC v JENNIFER MORRELL
  • Suffolk County: CC-000188-14/SM   Nguyen Plastic Surgery, PC v Morrell, Jennifer P/N/G Jahnae Mickens

She was at some point involved with Joseph Ward (aka “Jay Dubz”) and the timing suggests he could be her kid’s father. She was also involved with a man who is/was incarcerated. There is Joseph Ward who is currently imprisoned at Riker’s. There’s also a “Bruce Mickens” at Rikers, same last name as her kid.  

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