Felix Pantaleon of Washington Heights New York THREATENS a Parent Who's Child Was Murdered at the Sandy Hook School Shooting.

Pantaleon the PREDATOR: Non-Stop sadistic Harassment and Cruelty. 

Cyber-bully and internet HOAXTARD, Felix Pantaleon, trolling 24/7 and now admitting to being part of a GANG STALKING crew.

Felix Pantaleon is BANANAS!Let’s go over the latest threat from Felix Pantaleon, posted to Google+ just a few moments ago. Felix Pantaleon stated from his Caliberhitter account:

“Lenny some anonymous entities right over there in Boca Raton Watching you like a shadow lil nigga. You going to cry to the police when they put yo photos on the net? (Public property)”

Seriously, Felix? Does Pantaleon NOT get it? These words are a clear demonstration of GANG STALKING! Anonymous entities!? This is something straight out of a horror movie! Try to put yourself in the shoes of Lenny Pozner for a minute: you lose your child in a high-profile tragedy. Your life is put under the microscope by the most unreasonable maniacs one can find on the web. Then you’ve got this degenerate psychotic loser who has never accomplished one positive thing in this world, in his life — and this loser’s only way to get out of his situation is to be the most horrible jackass at every turn. Meanwhile, you will have to spend the rest of your days looking over your shoulder. The threat is real because Pantaleon’s past does not lie. The level it has been taken to is unimaginable. Pantaleon and pals laugh about how being mean super-cool.

Would you accept this type of behavior from a handful of individuals?

Telling a parent that had his 6-year-old child murdered that he is going to make a false report to CPS to bring more suffering to his remaining children

Felix E Pantaleon

Felix Pantaleon continues to harass, torment, & stalk Lenny Pozner.

Pantaleon as Caliberhitter, telling Lenny he has people following him and not to cry.


Felix Pantaleon aka caliberhitter nnnyc posting in Truther Wars under a sock account called Dig The Bum.

Caliberhitter (Felix Pantaleon) posts to group Truther Wars about flying to Florida.

Felix Pantaleon (owner of Truther Wars) targeting volunteers for HONR Network.


tick tock: Felix Pantaleon makes up stories and sensationalizes everything...
Felix Pantaleon makes threats to bring people down.


Caliberhitter (Felix Pantaleon) bragging about plane trips to the States where he targets individuals.


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(917) 829-4086  
550 W 157th ST 
APT 100
New York, NY  10032-7618


Felix E Pantaleon










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