Michael Yuri Janitch aka Dutchsinse and sinseduth claims he is not a Sandy Hook Hoaxer.

Michael Yuri Janitch is not the person he pretends to be online.

Sandy Hook Parent Lenny Pozner was put in the position where he had to file a Police Report against Dutchsinse aka Michael Yuri Janitch a full of rage Hoaxer.

Michael Janitch claims he does not go after Sandy Hook families.

Dutchsinse aka Michael Yuri Janitch

Seems Dutchsinse is acting just as a Hoaxer would.  (Say one thing while knowing the truth is very different)

His Toothless partner in crime known as tatooth shows his rage while making cloaked threats.

tatoot dutchsinse Michael Yuri Janitch, Jay Lee

These two work hand in hand –

Dutchsinse and Tatoott1009

Michael Yuri Janitch

Another example of attacking a Sandy Hook Parent while he and tatoothless spread conspiracies about Noah Pozner, who was killed in his classroom at the Sandy Hook School Shooting.

Michael Yuri Janitch became so enraged that he made over 30 YouTube videos attacking the father of Noah Pozner. A police report needed to be filed against Michael Yuri Janitch.




Wolfgang Halbig Harasses Lake County Sheriffs Office after labeled "Mentally Unstable."

halbig_lcso_incident_150173319_4-1-2016Most people in Sorrento Florida and the surrounding Lake County consider Wolfgang Halbig to be Mentally Unstable.  Why doesn’t his family get him the proper treatment that he requires?  Wolfgang Halbig Harasses Lake County Sheriffs Office after labeled “Mentally Unstable.”

What will it take for his family and the State of FL to begin the process of civil commitment or Involuntary commitment.  This may be a good way for his family to get out from all of the liability and debt that Halbig has created for them.

Florida Mental Health Act

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