Inside the Mind of JennyGirl on 6/6/16 – Self loathing – cutting – manipulation – drug use while there is a minor child in her care.

This is what goes on inside the mind of JennyGirl

who doesn’t even have custody of her own child.  Her family is fully aware of her behavior and does not intervene nor get her proper medical treatment.  Her family works in the field of children and families and child welfare.










There is no truth to anything that JennyGirl Says

JennyGirl claims that she owns the copyright to images from this artist. In reality, the artist lives in the Philippines:

And so nowadays Jeniffer Morrell sells her daughter’s clothes and toys online, writes whack job chem-trail articles for “Enchanted Lifepath,” and pretends to be starting a non-profit while losing her mind on social media. Not a nice person.

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