Felix Pantaleon Slanders and defames people online with multiple websites

When Felix Pantaleon isn’t harassing people on Google Plus or YouTube he is engaging in cyber-harassment using his many domains.  This is a small sample of what he does:

List of domain names registered by Felix Pantaleon

Felix Pantaleon


Felix Pantaleon of Washington Heights New York THREATENS a Parent Who's Child Was Murdered at the Sandy Hook School Shooting.

Pantaleon the PREDATOR: Non-Stop sadistic Harassment and Cruelty. 

Cyber-bully and internet HOAXTARD, Felix Pantaleon, trolling 24/7 and now admitting to being part of a GANG STALKING crew.

Felix Pantaleon is BANANAS!Let’s go over the latest threat from Felix Pantaleon, posted to Google+ just a few moments ago. Felix Pantaleon stated from his Caliberhitter account:

“Lenny some anonymous entities right over there in Boca Raton Watching you like a shadow lil nigga. You going to cry to the police when they put yo photos on the net? (Public property)”

Seriously, Felix? Does Pantaleon NOT get it? These words are a clear demonstration of GANG STALKING! Anonymous entities!? This is something straight out of a horror movie! Try to put yourself in the shoes of Lenny Pozner for a minute: you lose your child in a high-profile tragedy. Your life is put under the microscope by the most unreasonable maniacs one can find on the web. Then you’ve got this degenerate psychotic loser who has never accomplished one positive thing in this world, in his life — and this loser’s only way to get out of his situation is to be the most horrible jackass at every turn. Meanwhile, you will have to spend the rest of your days looking over your shoulder. The threat is real because Pantaleon’s past does not lie. The level it has been taken to is unimaginable. Pantaleon and pals laugh about how being mean super-cool.

Would you accept this type of behavior from a handful of individuals?

Telling a parent that had his 6-year-old child murdered that he is going to make a false report to CPS to bring more suffering to his remaining children

Felix E Pantaleon

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Pantaleon the Predator – Match with Felix AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Caliberhitter (Felix Pantaleon, NY) joins a dating site using his FAKE YouTube handle! Is a predator trying to hide their identity from the ladies… and men!?

Internet Predator, Felix Pantaleon AKA 22caliberhitter, preys upon the guys and gals of Match.com

Predator Pantaleon avatarDating with the help of a computer can be awfully embarrassing or risky. Hey, nobody is judging anybody’s journey into online romance. It’s a jungle out there, right? People sign up to narrow the field and order up their potential mate like a pizza. There are those who are shy and others who have busy schedules. Some find it easier to shop for love in the comfort of their own home. And let’s forget about the horndogs hoping for a midnight booty call… for now!

Match.com’s latest bachelor is a cyber-stalking, idiot internet-troll reject named “Caliberhitter.” Felix Pantaleon, Jr. (a 31 year old, single, Dominican male) is Caliberhitter. Pantaleon lives in Washington Heights, New York and is quickly running out of options everywhere he turns. Why Caliberhitter recently joined the dating website Match.com is anyone’s guess. He was doing fine without it, afterall, the woman-disrespecting scumbag was totally screwing himself HARD on the daily… and was doing it for years.

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Felix Pantaleon JUST CAN'T STOP Harassing Sandy Hook Victim's Parents.

Felix Pantaleon can’t control his MENTAL ILLNESS and continues to rage.

Felix Pantaleon, hoaxer, keeps making posts about Leonard Pozner because he is obsessed with Lenny Pozner.

The internet’s most despicable creature is back to his old ways and stalking Lenny Pozner… again. Felix Pantaleon is obviously going through something serious, some type of mental breakdown. The behavior Pantaleon displays online does not match his real-life personality. Normally, Pantaleon is a socially awkward fool. He walks around with his head lowered, he has an heir of a person who is totally not confident in life and if you didn’t know better, you would think Felix Pantaleon is a meth user, possibly a sketchy schizophrenic.

When people really look into this character Pantaleon, red flags go up — fast! This is a character, all right, bordering on CARTOON character. Felix Pantaleon has absolutely let every last bit of reality slip. Felix Pantaleon does NOT care about the madness he spreads, has no problem pushing the lies he pushes and cannot grasp how his online presence is harming others. Most of all, the insanity of hiding behind hundreds of sock accounts is not normal, using them as alternate personalities? Come on. And Felix Pantaleon uses each and every one of his fake accounts to stalk, harass and troll Pozner.

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Felix Pantaleon Cyber Criminal, Harasser and Predator Troll

New York Resident Committing Cyber-Bullying Crimes; Threats, Harassment and Online Trolling of Man in Another State


felix_pantaleon_myspace_music_logoThere was a time when MySpace ruled the world. It was at the turn of our last century, as we headed into the new millennium. The dawn of a new era, where any geek who had time on their hands could be a MySpace pimp. Setting up flash pages with bling and glitter graphics required users to have a basic understanding of HTML coding. Good coders were known as “pimps” and building pages was known as “pimping.” Pimping a page like no other could got you net-cred.

One particular MySpacer had an online reputation as a pretty good pimp, a wack rapper and a bully who needed a reality check. He was a young and brash New Yorker who mastered the art of the selfie. Felix Pantaleon was a MySpace pimp. Pantaleon had no problem challenging his fellow MySpacers. With a flash page, tons of random friends and tough-looking mugs on every picture, who would dare step?

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Felix Pantaleon of New York Cyber Stalks and Harasses Sandy Hook Parent Lenny Pozner

FELIX PANTALEON (NY): Online Stalking a Man Who Lost Son In Tragic Mass Shooting


felix-pantaleon-caliber-hitter-nasty-north-new-york-you-suck-yankee-yankees-alexjonesisbillhicks-logo-penalteesThe New York Crankies continue a slug-fest against online opponents. Those who stand in the way of Felix Pantaleon and his team of trolls will be…

…”dealt with!?” These clowns have made their cheap game of trolling cheaper than ever, playing by a new set of rules. The Hoaxer outcasts push more than buttons. Pictures of dead people are laughed at and reposted. If that weren’t bad enough, this group of cyber terrorists makes sure family members of the recently deceased see their activity. This comes with the most hateful words you could ever imagine. One person who doesn’t imagine any of this is Lenny Pozner. For Pozner, being trolled and baited by Hoaxers has been his reality for years.

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Caliberhitter Trolls Dead Kids

Caliberhitter Trolls Dead Kids

Caliber Hitting Parents of Murdered Children with Community of Trolls on Memorial Page


Below is a list with links to accounts. BEWARE OF THIS ONLINE TROLL.


Included are a few of Felix Pantaleon’s online criminal activities:



Felix Pantaleon is a web designer based out of New York. Be careful of Pantaleon from this point forward in time. Pantaleon nefariously creates websites about a person without their consent. Pantaleon has basic knowledge on how search engine optimization (SEO) works and will plaster lies, threats and cruel images of you and/or family members close to you.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Felix Pantaleon is a dangerous troll. Those who have had similar experiences or encountered Pantaleon on any social networking platform can now reach out to others for help. We encourage anyone with online bullying information or concerns to contact outside organizations for assistance.


Caliberhitter STRIKES OUT with New York Underground



Felix Pantaleon of New York Creates Fake REVENGE PORN of Lenny Pozner – Sandy Hook Parent

The NEW VIDEO of Lenny Pozner is UNSETTLING


For Felix Pantaleon, the question is lost on the second word, “comes.” Pantaleon is obsessed with framing people as pedophiles, drug addicts, homosexuals (not that there’s anything wrong with it…), crisis actors and now, porn actors. Straight out of the Pantaleon playbook. Befriend, turn on the target like a snake, post all their information, brag about his crimes, post everywhere about the person being gay (if male) or a drug addict (men and women), or mentally unstable (everyone BUT Felix Pantaleon!). The new video is unimaginative and childish. A low blow in an attempt to trigger a person into a fit of rage.

Pantaleon is a danger to society. The person he has been stalking and harassing for years is Lenny Pozner. Sadly, Pozner lost a child to senseless gun violence in 2012 and Pantaleon has been on the event from the moment the tragedy was reported on the news. Was he always focused on Leonard Pozner?

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Felix Pantaleon of Caliber Hitting is a PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC Predator Troll in New York City

Felix Pantaleon of Caliber Hitting is a PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC Predator Troll in New York City

The Mind of a Mental Patient – Caliber HATING Everything Around Him


Felix Pantaleon of Caliber Hitting  is a paranoid schizophrenic predator troll in New York City who thinks that dead famous people are still alive and living as other famous people in plain sight. He spends his days and nights maniacally defaming and harassing people on the internet. Several Police reports have been made against Felix Pantaleon Jr. in New York. Felix Pantaleon does not have a job and lives with his parents.

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Felix Pantaleon Ripoff Report

Felix Pantaleon Claims to be a Web Designer


felix_is_bananas_avatarWe sent Felix Pantaleon payment proptly with a paypal account in $200.00  usd. The work he was assigned was never done and we were ripped off by this individual. Upon doing research Felix Pantaleon is a con man and a online criminal lying about his credentials and has a history of theft. He uses the alias nastynorthnyc caliberhitter NNNyc and various other names in his online crimes. Be weary of this man he is NOT a web designer or has the credentials of a graphic artist.

This is what the ripoffreport states…

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