Wolfgang Halbig was given a FREE HOUSE **

$10 for a half Million dollar House?  why is he asking for donations!!


Wolfgang Halbig was given a FREE HOUSE in 2010.

How do Wolfgang Halbig and Kathy Halbig get a

$500,000 House for free.

What was this deal all about?  


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Wolfgang Halbig Harasses Lake County Sheriffs Office after labeled "Mentally Unstable."

halbig_lcso_incident_150173319_4-1-2016Most people in Sorrento Florida and the surrounding Lake County consider Wolfgang Halbig to be Mentally Unstable.  Why doesn’t his family get him the proper treatment that he requires?  Wolfgang Halbig Harasses Lake County Sheriffs Office after labeled “Mentally Unstable.”

What will it take for his family and the State of FL to begin the process of civil commitment or Involuntary commitment.  This may be a good way for his family to get out from all of the liability and debt that Halbig has created for them.

Florida Mental Health Act

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Wolfgang won't answer my questions.

won’t respond to…
I’ve been asking him for months now.

1) Why won’t you share the documents received from the FOIA requests?

2) How much money have you raised to date?

3) Why haven’t you provided an audit of checks and balances, like what was promised when you started fundraising?

4) How much of the money was spent on civil matters?

5) How much was spent on Viagra and cheap motels?

6) Why do you refuse to accept answers you’ve received and move on, you’re digging deep don’t you think?

7) What were your responsibilities with the Lake County School District?

8) Why didn’t you notify the parents in that school of the dangerous mold but yet you turn around and sue the school district for mold inhiliation.

9) Why did you lie about death threats that were made to you?

10) Do you honestly consider rubber ducks a threat?

Ten simple questions Wolfgang Halbig. Wheres the transparency?

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Who is YouTube’s Montagraph & Agent19

Do YOU Know Montagraph or Agent19 ???

Montagraph is:

Steve Quest  lives at

302 S Balsam St, Lakewood, CO 80226

Montagraph Changed his name from Roy Warren Marshall to Steve Quest on 1/10/1996 in Jefferson County Colorado.

Case# 1994C14846

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Wolfgang Halbig – a slick confidence man from Sorrento, Florida

Since early 2014, Wolfgang Halbig, a slick confidence man from Sorrento, Florida has been seeking to profit off the 26 women and children slaughtered at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. Campaigning as a faux-defender of constitutional rights, Halbig has convinced many gullible Americans to part with their hard money in exchange for a bill of goods that he stands no chance of ever delivering. In return for their investment, Halbig has promised his marks that he will lead an investigation and file federal lawsuits in an effort to prove the victims didn’t really die and that the shooting was actually an elaborate illusion set-up by the U.S. government to scare Americans into giving up their constitutional freedoms. Using discredited conspiracy theories as a pretext and capitalizing off the fear and paranoia generated by other for-profit “patriots,” Halbig has been making the rounds on various radio talk programs, such as the popular Alex Jones Show, plying his trade on disenfranchised working clclass US. citizens. Halbig has stated that he needs at least $250,000 to accomplish his mission and has thus far raised nearly $100,000 towards that goal. Only a small portion of that money has been accounted for. What Halbig and his complicit family members have managed to keep for themselves has yet to be determined. Exaggerating his meager credentials in law enforcement (less than one year as a Florida Highway Patrolman in 1974) and as a High School teacher, Halbig has managed to amass a cult following of deranged conspiracy theorists that hang on his every word and obey his every order. Many of Halbig’s followers have been engaged in an ongoing gang stalking campaign aimed at harassing and intimidating the grieving families and others personally affected by the tragedy. Some have even acted out violently, made terroristic threats or stolen property from the victims’ families. Most would agree that exploiting a tragic event for personal, political or financial gain is something that should be considered beyond the pale in a civilized society. Yet that’s precisely what some unsavory individuals, like Wolfgang Halbig, have managed to accomplish on the backs of those who have suffered and continue to suffer from one of the most horrific crimes against humanity ever committed on American soil.

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